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Tentative schedule, topic may change

Feb 2 (Tue)
Feb 4 (Thur)
VCS, Code Editing and Running
Feb 5 (Fri)
Recitation Git/GitHub/submitting and assignment
Feb 9 (Tue)
File I/O HW1 due
Feb 11 (Thur)
Paths and directory navigation
Feb 12 (Fri)
Recitation WebAPIs, REST
Feb 16 (Tue)
Intro to Testing: Edge Cases, Coverage
Feb 18 (Thur)
Feb 19 (Fri)
Recitation Using the Command Line and Shell
Feb 23 (Tue)
Break Break Day; No Classes
Feb 25 (Thur)
Relational Model, SQL Querying
Feb 26 (Fri)
Recitation RDBMS priniciples, Installing PostgreSQL
Mar 2 (Tue)
SQL Data Definition Language, SQL Insert
Mar 4 (Thur)
Indexes, Working with SQL in Python
Mar 5 (Fri)
Recitation Python collection manipulation
Mar 9 (Tue)
Querying with SQL/ACID
Mar 11 (Thur)
Debugging 2: Using a debugger
Mar 12 (Fri)
Recitation Data Querying
Mar 16 (Tue)
Mar 18 (Thur)
Error messages and stack overflow
Mar 19 (Fri)
Break Mid semester break; No Classes
Mar 23 (Tue)
Mar 25 (Thur)
Pandas/declarative computation
Mar 26 (Fri)
Recitation Data Analysis
Mar 30 (Tue)
Data Structures
Apr 1 (Thur)
Data Structures Continued
Apr 2 (Fri)
Recitation Data Viz
Apr 6 (Tue)
Data Vizualization Apr 8 (Thur)
Data Vizualization (II)
Apr 9 (Fri)
Recitation Final Project Proposal
Apr 13 (Tue)
Unit Testing
Apr 15 (Thur)
Break Spring Carnival; No Classes
Apr 16 (Fri)
Break Spring Carnival; No Classes
Apr 20 (Tue)
TDD/Code Writing Process
Apr 22 (Thur)
Python Objects
Apr 23 (Fri)
Recitation Data Publishing
Apr 27 (Tue)
Web Dev 1 HTML/CSS
Apr 29 (Thur)
Web Dev 2 Javascript/Jekyll
Apr 30 (Fri)
Recitation Final Project Check-in Meetings
May 4 (Tue)
May 6 (Thur)
Performance evaluation
May 7 (Fri)
Recitation Final Project Check-in Meetings
Final Final Project Presentation