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Tentative schedule, topic may change

Jan 17 (Wed)
Intro, VCS, Code Editing, and Running
Jan 19 (Fri)
Recitation git, GitHub, submitting, and HW1
Jan 22 (Mon)
Command line
Jan 24 (Wed)
Python, Reading data
Jan 26 (Fri)
RecitationWeb APIs, REST
Jan 29 (Mon)
Jan 31 (Wed)
Data structures
Feb 2 (Fri)
RecitationPython collection manipulation, codepaces HW1 due
Feb 5 (Mon)
Feb 7 (Wed)
Feb 9 (Fri)
RecitationClasses and sets HW2 due
Feb 12 (Mon)
Feb 14 (Wed)
Documentation + more Pandas
Feb 16 (Fri)
RecitationJoins and using the debugger HW3 due
Feb 19 (Mon)
Jupyter I
Feb 21 (Wed)
Jupyter II
Feb 23 (Fri)
Recitation Pandas aggregation and grouping
Feb 26 (Mon)
Unit Testing - more assertion types, checking for exceptions, mocking?
Feb 28 (Wed)
Collaboration (PR, issues, kanban) HW4 due
Mar 1 (Fri)
No Recitation Written project proposal due
Mar 4 (Mon)
Spring Break No class
Mar 6 (Wed)
Spring Break No class
Mar 8 (Fri)
Spring Break No recitaion
Mar 11 (Mon)
Property-based testing
Mar 13 (Wed)
Property-based testing (ctd.) Revised proposal due
Mar 15 (Fri)
Recitation Viz I HW5 due
Mar 18 (Mon)
Viz II
Mar 20 (Wed)
Mar 22 (Fri)
Recitation Basic HTML/CSS and web vega-lite HW6 due
Mar 25 (Mon)
Web Dev 1 HTML/CSS
Mar 27 (Wed)
Web Dev 2 Javascript/Jekyll
Mar 29 (Fri)
Recitation code review exercise
Apr 1 (Mon)
Interactive Data Visualization
Apr 3 (Wed)
Interactive Data Visualization part 2
Apr 5 (Fri)
Recitation Project work in recitation
Apr 8 (Mon)
Apr 10 (Wed)
Apr 12 (Fri)
Spring Carnival No recitation
Apr 15 (Mon)
Project checkpoint demonstration
Apr 17 (Wed)
Building a library
Apr 19 (Fri)
Recitation Project work in recitation
Apr 22 (Mon)
Apr 24 (Wed)
Final project presentations
Apr 26 (Fri)
Final project presentations